Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Another Update

Hello everyone, I would love to say I am making great headway with my new website expected to grand open on March 1, 2010. I am beginning a podcast type deal with another fellow aviator and friend who goes by the name Don. This podcast will be over general aviation topics as they pertain to the date of shooting. We expect to start filming those soon and they will be on youtube as well as on my site. Moodle is something I am adding to my website. What is Moodle? well it is a program made to allow educators to educate via internet. What I have done is devised courses for people to take and also allows them to take mini quizzes on what they learned. Each lesson consists of a video or text document instructing you on a certain topic. This program is perfect for aviators that want to brush up on their basics or for enthusiast that want to gain knowledge on aviation before the take their first flight lesson.

On the other end of my aviation world I am preparing to take my Private Pilot Written Exam. Most would dread the fact of studying a lot of questions and only having to answer 70 during the actual exam. But I see the opportunity to learn from this. As I study I am learning things I have yet to learn and it makes me feel on top of my game. All these regulations, and weight and balance questions have been drilled into my head from studying, that I'm likely never to forget. A goal of mine is to receive nothing less than a 90% on my PPL Written. A little steep? Some may think so but I don't, If I'm going to put a lot of effort into studying for it I hope I get as much out of it as I put in.

Like to give a little shout out to a friend of mine for passing his Check-ride and Oral Exam today. His name is Don and he currently has a blog as well here

Until Next Time,
Ian -

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glad to be back

Yesterday I flew for the first time in a while and Im so glad to be in the air again. As I prepare for my written exam in a couple weeks, when we fly we just do the things I dont understand or havent seen before. Yesterday we did a quick .8 hour lesson going over UNOS and ANDS its crazy how the compass does actually go crazy. After that we entered the pattern and realized I was a bit rusty. As we turned from downwind to base we saw a taildragger coming towards us closer than normal. In quick reaction we turned left to avoid and landed. We called it a day after that and went to the hanger to go over some Written Exam questions. I never have been that close to an aircraft in the air and dont want to be. I wouldnt say it was scary just put in real the phrase "Keep your eyes pealed" and how no matter what be ready for anything. Oddly enough he was cruising at pattern altitude and never did land just went truck-en through.

On another note some stuff to look forward in the future, first off my new website should be up and running in a short while. This will give you guys the chance to share aviaiton throughout the web.
Also I have developed an E-Logbook that has taken me a longwhile. It is finally done and if you are interested in using it let me know and ill email you the download. Also I will put it public soon so everyone can have it. Its a cool program all you need is Microsoft excel 2007 and it will work. Note*** If you have an older version of Microsoft let me know and I can give you a different download to use so it will work.
The E-logbook does not only keep all your flight hours but also brakes it up and shows totals of different categories. Its easy to use and I think you will enjoy it. I will be working on it constantly so keep a look out for newer versions monthly.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finally long awaited goal come true

While even though the website will be getting redone in the near future this is what I have developed so far I invite you to come and check it out.

Whats to come: well we will have a Aviation Store selling tshirts, hats etc.... also I am in the middle of developing a more advanced blog in wordpress which you will be able to navigate through my website.

Whats new: The whole website is but what im most proud and pumped for is our forums page. Ive wanted to have a aviation forums page for a long time and now its here: Sign Up at and share with the aviation world your thoughts and feelings on aviaiton topics.

I expect to have my website to its fullest potential in a couple of months but until then enjoy what I have now.

*Note - This blog will probably end once i develop my new blog but I will post that so don't worry.

Until Next Time,
Ian -

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Although Blogger has been good to me the past year I have decided since my sense of web development is pretty good that I would start my own website. Im pretty excited for it wont just have my blog but many other features like a forum page and much more. I hope you will visit it when you get a chance. As of right now its not ready but soon it will be a very cool website.
I will still try to post on blogger but can not gurantee anything.

Until Next Time,